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Operation Orphans


Reverend Leslie Payne has dedicated his life to serving the needy in Zimbabwe for over 31 years and with the help of sponsors just like you we are able to change a few lives at a time. Located in Matabeleland South most of the benevolence work takes place on the fringes of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s 2nd largest city.

The plight of AIDS in Zimbabwe has thrust over 1 million orphans on the streets along with the elderly and widows who are solely dependent on ministries such as ours. Our program identifies those within our target areas and focuses on orphans, the elderly and widows in dire need. Many have suffered untold abuse and any contribution will help.

Food, Clothing, education , rent and medicine are included in our sponsor packages. 95% of those that receive your help have no other source of survival. Our main objective is to not only help with the suffering but educate these young, vibrant orphans in order to give them a chance at becoming “ somebody” in the future!

We invite you to help with Reverend Payne’s ministry and any amount will go a long way. We will also supply information to you on the orphans/ elderly/widows that you have so graciously decided to help and 100 % of your donation goes direct to those in need.

The following packages are available:

package one: Orphans

Food, clothing, education: $ 55 per month

Package two: elderly

Food, clothing, education, medicine: $ 65 per month

Package three: widows

Food, clothing, education, medicine: $ 65 per month

Thank you for touching these lives