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The key to a great safari experience is planning. Let our expert guides help you pick a package that's right for you. Call Arnold Payne: 480-558-6932 or use the Contact Page.


Bubiana Conservancy

Arguably Africas Premier Leopard hunting destination. Our two superb camps are set within the 500 000 acre Bubiana Conservancy consisting of prime, unspoilt indigenous habitat . This amazing ecosystem full of dense woodlands, plains and multipl rivers and dams boasts a magnificent populationof leopard, Eland, Waterbuck, Klipspringer, Grysbok, Hyena, Kudu and numerous other species. For the hunter seeking a monster leopard and amazing plains game combined with bird hunting and fishing , this is the place for you!


Matestsi Pandamasuie

Lying to the north of the world famous Hwange National Park and set within some of the finest State and forest hunting grounds in all of Zimbabwe is our Matetsi and Pandamasuie camps. Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard and Sable are plentiful making this the perfect setting for a Classic Dangerous Game Safari. For the hunter looking for an authentic Dangerous Game Safari , this is the setting for you!



Due North of the Tegwani River along the great Hwange Park southern boundary amd Botswana border is the setting of one of the premier Elephant hunting grounds in Africa . Our hunt block has some 60  miles of exclusive park boundary . This block frequently produces massive ivory with 70 lb + Bull being shot every season. For the hunter looking for heavy ivory on a challenging hunt, this is your opportunity! We look forward to your next Elephant hunt with us!



This lovely camp is set along the beautiful Umzingwane river . Our 50 000 acre concession holds good numbers of plains game including Kudu, Eland, Wildebeest, Giraffe,hyena,  huge Impala and many more species. We also offer solid leopard hunts here in an area known for strong leopard and plains game populations which include many nocturnal cat species present in the area.



This splendid camp sits on the boundary of the Gonarezhou , Zimbabwes 2nd largest National Park. Big Buffalo, Crocodile and Hippo are plentiful and the area frequently produces 40″ + Buffalo and fabulous Hippo and Crocodile. The proximity to the Gonarezhou also offers opportunities at Lion and big Elephant provided quota is available


Manjolo Zambezi River

Our lodge lies along the banks of the mighty Zambezi River . This is a dedicated hunting block for Hippo, Crocodile and problem Elephant . The hunting along the Zambezi make for hot, humid and exciting hunting conditions. However very dense populations of Hippo and Crocodile offer our hunters a true Zambezi river hunt of a lifetime!

Lion/Elephant/Buffalo/Leopard/Sable  24 Days:   Price on Request  
Lion/Buffalo 21 Days:   $1,800/Day
Elephant/Buffalo/Leopard 21 Days:  $1,700/Day
Buffalo/Leopard 15 Days:   $1,450/Day  
Leopard 14 Days:   $1,250/ Day
Buffalo/Plains Game 10 Days:   $1,250/Day  
Buffalo/Hippo/Croc 12 Days:   $1,250/Day
Tuskless Elephant 10 days:   $950/Day  
Plains Game 10 Days:   $650/Day


2013 Price List
Hunt Package Hunt Type Number of Days Daily Rate (1X1)
1 Elephant/Lion/Buffalo/Leopard/Plains Game 24 P.O.R
2 Lion/Buffalo 21 $1,800
3 Elephant/Buffalo/Leopard 21 $1,700
4 Elephant Bull Hunt 15 $1,500
5 Buffalo/Leopard/Sable 18 $1,450
6 Buffalo/Leopard 15 $1,450
7 Buffalo/Sable/Plains Game 14 $1,250
8 Buffalo/Crocodile or Hippo 12 $1,250
9 Buffalo/Plains Game 10 $1,250
10 Leopard/Sable/Plains Game 18 $1,050
11 Leopard/Plains Game 14 $1,250
12 Hippo/Crocodile 10 $950
13 Sable/Plains Game 12 $950
14 Tuskless Elephant 10 $950
15 Plains Game 7 or 10 $650
Observer Rates:  $250 per day


2013 Trophy Fees
Species Trophy Fees   Species Trophy Fees   Species Trophy Fees
Baboon $100 Genet $500 Lioness P.O.R.
Buffalo-Bull $3,500 Giraffe $1,800 Nyala $3,750
Buffalo-Cow $1,500 Grysbok $550 Porcupine $250
Bushpig $500 Guinea fowl $10 Reedbuck $900
Bushbuck $1,000 Hippopotamus $5,000 Sable $5,000
Caracal $600 Honeybadger $400 Serval Cat $600
Cheetah $5,500 Hyena $750 Steenbuck $550
Civet Cat $700 Impala $400 Tsessebee $1,250
Crocodile $5,000 Jackal $250 Warthog $450
Dove/Sandgrouse $4 Klipspringer $1,000 Waterbuck-Bull $2,000
Duiker $300 Kudu-Bull $1,500 Wildcat $400
Eland $2,000 Kudu-Female $800 Wildebeest $1,150
Elephant (from) $15,000 Leopard $5,000 Zebra $1,250
Elephant Tuskless $6,000 Lion Male P.O.R.
Elephant Non-Trophy $9,500
Trophy fees subject to change at anytime.
Air Charters:  Price on RequestRoad Transfers ex Bulawayo to Bubiana: $500 one way
Field Preparation of Trophies:  $600
Transfer Day:  $250 per person per day
Cat Hunts Pre-Baiting:  $250 per day plus bait fees
Cameraman:  $350 per day plus one time edit fee